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Meeting with Stakeholders about the Rights of the Child

On the 19th & 20th of October 2019, the children volunteers of the Child Rights Team met with a team of experts on the rights of the child. During the meeting the children asked their questions on the violations of the rights of the child and they discussed each violation with the experts.

They also presented their proposals to the stakeholders. At the end of the meeting the children volunteers have added more proposals to their paper and they have learned many interesting details which encouraged them to think of alternative ways to defend the rights of every child in Greece.

The Child Rights Team chose by itself the experts with whom they would cooperate and has sent them their ideas and questions before the meeting via email.

The stakeholders who offered their valuable assistance and support are the following:

1. Georgogianni Dimitra-Social Worker/Specialized in children in migration

2. Dimitriou Xeni- Juvenile Prosecutor

3. Doussi Emmanuela- Expert on the environmental crisis

4. Margomenou Despoina- Psychologist in “ELEPAP”

5. Marmarou Efi- Psychologist in adolescents’ detention facility in Corinthos

6. Thrasyvoulidou Chrysanthi- School teacher

7. Panagopoulou Georgia- Psychologist

8. Papathanasiou Nansy- Psychologist in the support line 1128

9. Kariotoglou Alexander- Religion teacher/priest

10. Tsatsos Thodoris-Psychologist

11. Tsourmas Leonidas-Head school teacher

12. Choleva Panagiota- Social Worker

13.Chrelia Cleopatra- Doctor

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