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Meeting with the Prime Minister of Greece about the Rights of the Child

On Wednesday 13th of November the Child Rights Team met the Prime Minister of Greece in order to present him their proposals and ask for his support on their campaign 302010.

The Prime Minister said that he supports their initiative and promised that the government will work on their proposals in order for them to be included fully in the plans of the Ministry of Education.

More specifically he said: “I want to congratulate you for your actions and your dedication to this highly significant purpose along with your proposals which have to do with issues such as exclusion from education/healthcare/society, bullying, sexual abuse and environmental crisis. Every child should have the same rights. You are the ones who will send the message that from your age you should be active citizens, participate in decision making and most importantly fight to defend the rights of all those children who do not have the chance to do what you are doing today.”

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